Absession E-Program

Unless you plan to live on weight loss shakes, appetite suppressants, and junk hype filled fat burning pills that will probably end up giving you a heart attack there's something you need to know. 

If you're perfectly content indulging in the next fad diet or magic abs sensation pill this message will probably bore you to death. Infact, if you're happy lugging around unnatural lumps of lard in your midsection you'll absolutely detest this letter so you might as well close the browser right now and forget this page even existed. 

If you stuck around you're in a for a real treat because what I'm about to share with you is light years ahead of old and ineffective fitness methods. My name is Scott Hayward. I'm a master fitness trainer, fitness author, and body transformation expert. I've been helping people for the last 20 years build their best body ever and I've finally decided to share the real scientific secret to creating the body of your dreams. Absession is a culmination of my life's work. It's cutting edge but more importantly it's based on cold-hard scientific truth that will allow you to transform your body beyond anything you can ever imagine. 

I developed Absession because I was tired of fitness gurus and big businesses pushing junk down the throats of millions of innocent bystanders who just want to lose weight, build muscle, and get healthy.These lies and myths have spread in such great proportion that caloric starvation has essentially become a socially acceptable nutrition plan. You shouldn't have to starve to lose weight and get fit and Absession makes it possible. 

You see, after working in the fitness industry for so long I realized that people had a genuine desire to change their bodies they just didn't know where to start. I witnessed their desires fed by unscrupulous money hungry beasts who tirelessly churned out placebo supplements in pretty bottles showcased on big box shelves and late night infommercials. They fell victim to the lies perpetrated in fitness magazines and eventually became inundated by the idea of exchanging pills for fat as if their bodies were now instruments in the endless blackhole of pharmaceutical solutions.

The sad truth about the world we live in today is that those who fund the pharmacuetical approval process for safety and effectiveness are the same people who actually manufacture, sell, and distribute these bogus fitness elixirs. Their vested interested has nothing to do with your bodies, they could care less. But Absession solves the problem by eliminating pharma junk and providing you with clear-cut science.

Absession uses "Applied Body Science" aka ABS which embodies reliable tenets that integrate exercise pysiology, metabolic responses, and your body's innate biochemistry to create a fitness machine that's effective, healthy, and safe.

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Absession E-Program