About the Author


Referred to as one of the country’s premier personal trainers, body transformation, and fat loss experts, Scott Hayward truly changes bodies and changes lives.  As an author, lecturer, trainer, and educator, he is sought out by those looking to transform their bodies and ultimately transform their lives.

Early Life

As a child growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, Scott Hayward always had a love for fitness and physical activity. He played in little league baseball, youth basketball, but his first love was always football. He excelled on the gridiron playing throughout his youth, high school and onto college. His love of fitness and exercise was evident throughout college as he helped many of his fraternity brothers and people on campus achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer

Hayward owned and operated an 8,000 square foot gym and private training facility in Pittsburgh, PA where he worked out up to 16 clients per day. He says that it makes for long days, but he feels a real sense of accomplishment when his clients achieve their goals. His main focus is educating and motivating his clients and he focuses on functional fitness, something they can relate to their everyday life and life’s demands.

While Hayward worked out up to sixteen clients a day at his Pittsburgh gym, and they were often a mix of pro athletes and regular everyday people. He received more invitation for speaking engagements than he could ever attend.

As a personal trainer and body transformation expert, Hayward is known for training clients in one-on-one sessions with workouts. This practice is tied to his emphasis on functional training.
Hayward has been called upon by NFL, MLB, NCAA athletes to help them take their game to the next level. Hollywood has also come calling as he has trained several notable Hollywood actors to include Jake Gyllenhaal.

Fitness Philosophy

Hayward’s philosophy is this: Fitness is best if it is a part of your life. Too many people get overly consumed by fitness and that is not healthy either. They burn out too quickly and end up quitting rather abruptly. This is a marathon, not a sprint, this is for a lifetime.

Hayward has also created ABS Systems (Applied Body Science) training regimens and an ABS Line of Supplements is targeted for a future release.

Fitness Author

Hayward has served as an editor and writes a regular column for Nightwire Magazine. He has had articles seen in many local, regional and national bodybuilding and fitness magazines.
“Absession…America’s Guide to Ultimate 6 Pack Abs”

Scott Hayward is the author of; “Absession…America’s Guide to Ultimate 6 Pack Abs,” as well as numerous articles and papers on Anatomy, Physiology, Energy Metabolism, and Exercise Science.  His seminars, lectures and workshops on fat loss, weight loss, and body transformation techniques have transformed thousands of lives.


Scott Hayward is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Exercise Science and holds a masters degree from the University of Louisville in Exercise Physiology. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and is certified by American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA,) and the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA.)


Scott and his training techniques were the 2 term official trainer for the Miss Pennsylvania USA Pageant, and has provided training for; NFL, NCAA, NBA and MLS Players.  Scott has also been sought out to train Hollywood movie stars, daytime television stars and music icons.

Business Ventures

Hayward has started his own supplement line under the name of Applied Body Science and owned and operated a gym and personal training facility in Pittsburgh, PA.

Scott has served as the consulting exercise physiologist for a fitness product development company, which has several exciting pieces of fitness equipment slated for release in the near future.

Personal Life

Attachment-3Scott is married to Jennifer Lynn Hayward and they reside in the Philadelphia region with their Siberian Husky named Zoey.  Together they have formed Fit for Faith Ministries.  Fit for Faith Ministries is a Christian Fitness Ministry which is dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering people to become better stewards of the body God has given them.  Fit for Faith Ministry conducts fat loss seminars and body transformation programs for churches throughout the region.

Check out Fit for Faith on the web at www.fitforfaithministries.com and you can find Absession on the web at http://www.absession.net.